Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dope award

Good news! =)
Our dinosaur was rewarded with "Dope award" on the www.dopeawards.com
look here

Monday, July 12, 2010

Location design and sketches

Now we are working at the location and the characters.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Here are the dinosaurs models which will be used in our movie. We changed T-Rex texture and decided to add one more predator to our video. We working at the script and the storyboard at the moment. Textures created with Enzo plugin www.enzo3d.com/

Animation tests

Here are some our animation tests. This is just the checking of models, rig, dynamics etc. It's not linked to our script of course. :)





Rex_vs_Man+dynamics from skif on Vimeo.

Hunter (second character)

This is second character of our movie - hunter. He is an experienced soldier and just brutal man. :D Here are some WIP shots, shader tests and video of the rig.

Test of the rig:

Tyrannosaurus rex (first character)

First character. This model is the scientific reconstruction of Tyrannosaurus rex.

WIP and Wireframe



First fragments of the storyboard. It is possible that we will change the script in close future.

First concepts

Well, here are some first sketches and concepts of the location.

Our team

Director, supervisor, 3D-modeler, rigger, FX-supervisor.
Kyshtymov Alexandr (Skif).(Skif)

I am engaged in a 3D-graphics from the end of 1998. I used 3ds Max before but now I work in Maya. Also I use ZBrush. I have taken a part in some large commercial projects.
I am Administrator of Art Gallery, member of the jury of CG-League, curator of the competitions, and moderator on the Render.ru portal.
In the "Last hunt" project I will be director, supervisor, rigger and modeler. I will create the rig for both characters. Also I will coordinate all members of our team and solve all technical tasks. In additional I will work at the dynamic animation and special effects (such as water, fire, trees, destructions).
My Youtube channel:

Director, art-director, 3D-modeler, consultant.
Konstantinov Vlad (Swordlord).

Hello! My name is Vlad. I am 3D-artist and freelancer. I'm specializing in 3d-modeling, illustrations and character design. I have been awarder by different websites such as 3DTotal.com, Render.ru, Arttalk.ru, 3DTotal.ru and I have taken a part in some large commercial projects. In our team I will responsible for the quality of the final results, and I will create some 3D-models and textures. Also I will provide all teammates with necessary scientific information.
My portfolio:


2D-Artist, mattpainter, designer.
Vlasova Olga (Ales fera).

Hi all! My name is Olga (Ales fera). I will be 2D-artist in our project - I will design and draw details of the locations and backgrounds for the action. I'm engaged in the 2D-graphics and I plan to study 3D. I have not experience in such projects yet.
Some of my works you can see in the Render.ru gallery:


Let's begin! =)
Hello! We hope that this page will be interesting for all readers. This blog will be devoted to our project. We will upload here our results, work stages and ideas. We will glad to receive all your comments, critics and responses because your attention will be our main engine. :) It will help us to work as hard as we can. We will post our messages in two languages because we hope that our project will give us the chance to get a reputation as a good successful team.
And some words about project. It will be short animation movie on prehistoric theme with some elements of fantasy. It is story about battle between two dangerous hunters such as human and Tyrannosaurus rex. We plan to create spectacular and quality movie which will be interesting to all viewers.
All video will be created with help of computer graphics. And you will see the biggest part of our work materials. We will demonstrate our storyboards, concepts, test renders, animation test etc. We hope you will like it!