Thursday, June 10, 2010


Let's begin! =)
Hello! We hope that this page will be interesting for all readers. This blog will be devoted to our project. We will upload here our results, work stages and ideas. We will glad to receive all your comments, critics and responses because your attention will be our main engine. :) It will help us to work as hard as we can. We will post our messages in two languages because we hope that our project will give us the chance to get a reputation as a good successful team.
And some words about project. It will be short animation movie on prehistoric theme with some elements of fantasy. It is story about battle between two dangerous hunters such as human and Tyrannosaurus rex. We plan to create spectacular and quality movie which will be interesting to all viewers.
All video will be created with help of computer graphics. And you will see the biggest part of our work materials. We will demonstrate our storyboards, concepts, test renders, animation test etc. We hope you will like it!


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  2. hey ther.... really a gr8 stuff.... am mad of dinosaurs.... ur work was really awsome... n im a 3d character modeler... huh... jst a bit above from beginner... keep rockin on guys... looking for more. tc


  3. karysino
    Thank you! We're glad that you liked our work =)

  4. yes i used to check ur blog atleast once in a day to see updates... waitin for the movie...